CoreTempTelegraf is a Windows program that outputs data collected by CoreTemp ( in a format that can be consumed by Telegraf ( The program is written in Delphi, and utilizes a library developed by Michal Kokorceny from


In order for the program to run as expected, the following is required:

In order for Telegraf to consume the data output by the program, the following is also required:


You can check the output of the program in a command prompt or PowerShell. CD to the directory where the program resides, and then enter the command: CoreTempTelegraf

To collect the data in Telegraf, add an entry to your Telegraf config like this:

  commands = ["C:\path\to\program\CoreTempTelegraf"]
  data_format = "influx"

You can place the program in a Windows System Path location, allowing you to run the program from any directory. This simplifies the "commands" line to:

  commands = ["CoreTempTelegraf"]


Download CoreTempTelegraf - v1.02

SHA1 Checksum: E885C19AA97C3A34F3AE011532EBE05B86FE927D